1 Million
Lady Million

Lady million

A trail of white flowers awakes the skin with fresh notes and exudes an intimate woody wamrth. Honey and patchouli. Dangerously sexy.
  • raspberry,
  • jasmin sambac abso.,
  • orange blossom absolute,
  • honey,
  • neroli,
  • bitter orange,
  • patchouli
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The Million couple

Sophia Ahrens, a sexy (It) girl.
She has all the attributes of a hot new Million girl! A sleek, wild physique with natural but singular beauty and a magnetic presence. A bold and twinkling gaze, like a diamond. Sophia Ahrens represents carefree, modern and ultra-sexy femininity. Her grace and energy carry you away, as do her moves. A Million attitude… A real globetrotter who keeps her inner balance by working out and dancing.
A golden girl, of course.


Jordan Barrett, a golden (It) boy.
He’s the ultimate bad boy with an innocent gaze. Striking turquoise cat eyes, a fine face, full lips and sun-streaked hair. Wild, almost androgynous freshness. And a touch of insolence, so very Million. A Million boy lifestyle for an ultra-connected icon with hundreds of thousands of followers. Amongst his tattoos, one on his left arm states “only the good” and this says it all.
Keep up your fabulous life!


Explore the incredible lifestyle of Sophia and Jordan and discover their everyday out-of-ordinary Million problems

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